Q: How much do updates cost?

A: Updates are free during the first year after purchase. Thereafter updates to every full version (3.0 - 4.0 - 5.0 etc.) cost 300 Euros.

Q: Is the standard zoom-lens even suitable for this purpose?

A: A macro-lens can play to it's strength not until you either approach the objects very closely (for example with the optional makro-adjustment-slide) or you take photos with a widely opened aperture. But as the object has to be stopped down to a minimum of aperture 15 in consequence of the system geometry and the zoom-lens furthermore isn't use in extrem close-up-range, the differences between the lens types even out relatively strongly. In direct comparison under realistic terms none of the testers were able to clearly assign the zoom or makro lenses to the pictures.
In opposition to that the other advantages (atomatical assignment of object size over the whole working space, few exchanges of the lenses are necessary) of the zoom lens are of higher significance.

A macro lens used with the quickPX system is only reasonable in connection with the macro adjustment slide. You should consider this extension, if you want to take pictures of either very small coins or coin detail.

Q: Is the system only suitable for Nikon-cameras?

A: For the moment and in the near future yes. The connection of the system and the camera is very profound. To create a reliable developement, test and also service environment we decided to make a commitment to one camera producer. Years ago that producer was Nikon because of various reasons.

Q: Can the system be run on MAC?

A: Yes, but there has to be installed Microsoft Windows.

Q: How do I solve the licence problem with the Nikon CCP2-Software during the trial period?

A: Without a product key Camera Control 2 can be used for one month without restrictions (this corresponds exatcly to the trial period). If you purchase the system after this periods you will get the key.

Q: Does the extra price for lightbalance pay off?

A: Simple and quick answer: from our perspective yes :-) - But joking aside: If you photograph coins for documentation purposes: no or limitedly. If you photograph them for selling purposes: yes.

Using Lightbalance you can not only adjust the brightness of the plate towards the profile but this setting also has an influence how esactly patina stains and scratches are depicted. The system without lightbalance depicts very harsh, in opposition lightbalance is able to diminish that realistically (if used rightly).

Q: Is lightbalance retrofittable?

A: Yes, but the device must be sent to our workshop. The price is even the same (disregarding the shipping costs).

Q: Are old devices which were still delivered with Coolpix 9xx (2000-2004) retrofittable to quickPX Standard.

A: Yes. Just send you device to us and we'll make you an interesting offer, which - assumed the device is in a good technical condition - will cost you considerably less than the orignial price.

Q: Can old devices be changed over to quickPX compact?

A: Unfortunately no. quickPX Compact is constructed completely differently.

Q: Can the macro slide be built in subsequently.

A: Yes. In fact, that's so easy that youu can perform it yourself.

Q: You write, the application software runs with a few restrictions on 32 bit systems. Which are...?

A: It concerns restrictions for lot and slab photography. quickPX needs transparent, but fixed (not able to click through) windows, which are only given with 64 bit systems, to execute the corresponding aiding functions. This state of knowledge refers to the work environment of the very widely spread Windows 7 systems. This of course is a subject to change for future windows version. However we generally recommend 64 bit systems for all reinstallations.

Q: Can I use cameras other than the mentioned ones?

A: No. First only the Nikon cameras are useable which can be controlled over the Camera Control 2 Software. Furthermore we consider the operation of the system with a camera without live-view (although basically possible) unwise. That's also the reason why all older Nikon models which can be controlled via CCP2 Software (D200 / D80 etc) but don't have live view are not sufficient.

Q: Why is quickPX Travel, althoug less capable, that much more expensive than quickPX Compact?

A: quickPX Compact is well thought-out system that builts on the use of highquality, but commercially available and thereby reasonably priced components. For quickPX Travel we had to leave that road because of the reduced size. Additionally the montage time for this system is a lot longer.

Q: What are the restrictions when using a D90 / D300 / D300S / D5000 / D5100?

A: These cameras are able to perform live-view but not in the manual lighting mode. That means though you can see the coin to position it you can't see it with the brightness they will be depicted later on.

What's the difference between the product line quickPX Standard/Extended and quickPX Compact?

quickPX Standard is built modulary and open. That enables you to follow your own creativity when it comes to lighting. quickPX Compact integrates all components into one case (so far as possible).